7-Day 1200 Calorie Meal Plan That Won’t Leave You Starving

Simplify your meal plan with these delicious recipes!

1200 calorie meal plan

Eating healthier is one of the most important decisions you can make for your life and your health. Perhaps you’ve been ready to kick-start your fitness journey for quite some time. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. Believe it or not, the best place to begin is in your very own kitchen. For this reason, we’ve compiled this 7-day 1200 calorie meal plan for your convenience! It doesn’t get easier than that!

Many people believe that eating healthy has to be restrictive. While it’s certainly true that you need to make healthy choices, you can still enjoy yourself. What you’ll notice about the recipes here is that they are each loaded with fantastic flavor. How great is that?

It’s not always easy to change your eating habits. But, meal plans like this make it simpler to modify your lifestyle and reach your goals. The first step? Simply begin!

The 7-Day 1200 Calorie Meal Plan

Day One (1176 Calories)

Breakfast: Quinoa Protein Bars (376 Calories)
Lunch: Smoked Salmon with Asparagus and Egg Salad (312 Calories)
Dinner: Easy Crock-Pot Chicken Noodle Soup (260 Calories)
Snack: Cauliflower Nachos (228 Calories)

Day Two (1200 Calories)

Breakfast: Banana Walnut Overnight Oatmeal (213 Calories)
Lunch: Southwest Veggie Wraps (369 Calories)
Dinner: Paleo Zucchini and Turkey Skillet Dinner (237 Calories)
Snack: Avocado Fries with Spicy Honey Lime Sauce (367 Calories)

Day Three (1194 Calories)

Breakfast: Soufflé Omelets with Mushrooms (303 Calories)
Lunch: Chicken Burrito Bowl with Fresh Pico de Gallo & Creamy Chipotle Sauce (392 Calories)
Dinner:  Curried Salmon and Roasted Sweet Potatoes (353 Calories)
Snack: Easy Stuffed Mushrooms (146 Calories)

Day Four (1201 Calories)

Breakfast: Spicy Breakfast Tacos (293 Calories)
Lunch: Cheesy Chicken Avocado Burrito Wrap (444 Calories)
Dinner: Slow Cooker Lentil and Veggie Stew (221 Calories)
Snack: Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash (243 Calories)

Day Five (1196 Calories)

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash (186 Calories)
Lunch: Shrimp Taco Bowls (330 Calories)
Dinner: Skillet Lemon Chicken Breast Dinner (347 Calories)
Snack: No-Bake Workout Bars (333 Calories)

Day Six (1174 Calories)

Breakfast: Spinach Parmesan Baked Egg (149 Calories)
Lunch: Instant Pot Skinny Spaghetti (348 Calories)
Dinner: Crispy “Un-Fried” Herb Chicken (389 Calories)
Snack: Chocolate Coconut Protein Shake (288 Calories)

Day Seven (1110 Calories)

Breakfast: Wake up and Date Protein Shake (388 Calories)
Lunch: Barbecue Chicken and Avocado Quesadilla (271 Calories)
Dinner: Skinny Mississippi Pot Roast (328 Calories)
Snack: Asian Chicken Wraps (123 Calories)

You may have been stuck in a rut, but you can reach your goals with this meal plan! With a bit of planning, it’s incredibly easy and satisfying to stay on a 7-day 1200 calorie meal plan. What are you waiting for?

Let us know how it went in the comments. We always love hearing from you!

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  1. Question: Your daily menu indicates Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats (227 Calories). When referring to the recipe it indicates 609 Calories!!!!! How can there be such a spread, and what is the real truth? Please…as it sounds very tempting, but I would never eat over half my day’s calories in one little breakfast!!

    1. Hi Lisa, The recipe calorie count was correct. So, I replaced the recipe with another equally yummy one for overnight oats. So sorry about the confusion. 🙂

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