21 Energy-Boosting Lunches

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Are you testing out the latest exercise craze? Cranking up the intensity on your usual workout? Or maybe about to take on a day jam-packed with work, meetings, and numerous other obligations? If you’re not nourishing properly, times like these could drain your energy, leaving you exhausted and unable to give it your all. Luckily, Skinny Ms is here to help! Say buh-bye to yawns and 3 PM crashes. With these 21 Energy Boosting Lunches, you’ll have that necessary oomph that will allow you to approach anything with the focus, drive and attentiveness you need.

1. Creamy Brown Rice, Apple, and Broccoli Salad
This salad is full of two high energy foods: apples and brown rice! The creaminess adds a savory consistency, and the nutrient-dense ingredients will have you feeling good about this truly amazing salad dish.

2. Orange Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
This recipe combines two super foods in one delicious lunch! Not to mention the quinoa is overflowing with health benefits, such as containing riboflavin which promotes energy production in cells and improves your metabolism altogether. Your friends will thank you if you save some leftovers to cure their exhausted, zombie-like mentalities.

3. Baked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Coconut Curried Kale and Chickpeas
This dish is stuffed sweet potato, sweet kale, and the perfect punch of protein thanks to the chickpeas! If you’re a sweet potato fanatic and can’t get enough of the mouthwatering squash, don’t worry!

4. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Wrap
If you’re in the mood for a more traditional lunch food, try this wrap! It relies heavily on the legumes for its protein content, wrapping them up to form a delicious high energy food.

5. Thai Roasted Sweet Potato Soup
This Thai-inspired dish is guaranteed to keep your energy levels up! At the same time, the significant volume that soup consumes in your stomach will keep you feeling full and satisfied for the whole day.

**Dishes featuring brown rice will get you pumped for the rest of your day, whether it’s at work or at the gym. If you’re wondering why the following recipes call for brown rice, it’s because this alternative to white rice is so much more nutritious. Take a look at 3 Important Reasons to Swap White Rice for Brown to learn why!

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