21 Outrageously Healthy Foods

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What’s on your shopping list? If it includes lots of packaged or processed foods, it’s time for a new list—one that will nourish your body with nutrients and help support weight loss. Add these 21 outrageously healthy foods to your grocery list this week.

Many foods in the typical American diet, from sugar to sodium to chemical additives, prime the body for weight gain and chronic medical conditions. The scary part is that you don’t need to reach for a pack of snack cakes to flood the body with all that extra junk. Added sugar, salt, and more can be found in everything from salad dressings to frozen waffles to yogurt.

On our healthy foods list, you’ll find whole, healthy superfoods that support the body, whether your goal is to lose weight or feel healthier. Clean-eating foods like these offer a range of nutrients, from cancer-preventing antioxidants to body-detoxifying substances. As a bonus, many are low in calories. The only fats you’ll find are monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, which lower bad (LDL) cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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1. Almonds– When it comes to the most healthy foods, we’re nuts for almonds. Making almonds a regular part of your diet may help lower the risk of dying from heart disease and help you lose weight. Pump up pasta night with Almond Pesto Pasta featured above. You’lll also love Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. YUM!

2. Apples– Grandma was right—apples can help keep the doctor away. This fruit may help lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and control appetite. They’re also a smart grab-n-go snack. Try these tasty Apple Nachos Supreme.

3. Asparagus– We love asparagus because of its ability to help the body detoxify; it’s a natural diuretic and it supports healthy kidney and bladder function. Potato-Wrapped Asparagus Rolls are a fantastic choice for date night or any special night.

4. Avocado– The avocado is a rock star on the most healthy foods list, from its heart-healthy fats to its high levels of fiber, potassium, and other vitamins. Indulge in Strawberry and Avocado Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing.

5. Bananas– With good carbs, heart-loving potassium, and depression-fighting nutrients, bananas are a no-brainer for the healthy foods list. Slice them onto oatmeal, use them in baking, or enjoy them in our Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili
6. Beans & Lentils– Not only are these foods powerhouses when it comes to nutrients like fiber and protein, they’re also a budget-friendly superfood. Southwestern Black Bean Salad is a colorful and delish way to enjoy beans. Also try our Slow Cooker Beef and Black Bean Stew and Slow Cooker Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili.

7. Berries– From blueberries to blackberries to raspberries to strawberries, berries are low in calories and high in disease-fighting antioxidants. They’re also a healthy way to satisfy that sweet tooth. Get your berry fix with Skinny Berry Parfait.

8. Broccoli– Bite into this superfood veggie for cancer-fighting nutrients plus a hefty dose of vitamin C and calcium. Add Slow Cooker Broccoli, Brown Rice, and Cheddar Casserole to your menu this week.

9. Brussels Sprouts– High in the fiber that aids digestion and weight loss, Brussels sprouts are a superfood winner. They’re packed with vitamins A, C, and K as well as other antioxidants. Sink your fork into Balsamic Chicken and Brussels Sprouts.

10. Cabbage– This cruciferous vegetable offers cholesterol-lowering properties, and it may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, like colorectal. Give it a go in Crispy Chickpea Cakes with Cabbage Salad.

Slow Cooker Cheesy Broccoli & Cauliflower Casserole
11. Cauliflower– There are good reasons cauliflower is the newest superfood darling; it’s low in calories and high in potentially cancer-preventing antioxidants. Dig into Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad or Broccoli and Cauliflower Casserole.

12. Chia Seeds– These super seeds are a smart way to get fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and, yes, even protein. Sprinkle them into salads or soups, or try yummy Mixed Berry Chia Seed Jam.

13. Fish– Fish like halibut, trout, and flounder are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of heart disease. Treat your heart and taste buds to Slow Cooker Halibut Stew.

14. Greek Yogurt– Plain, low-fat Greek yogurt is higher in protein than conventional varieties, plus it offers powerful probiotics to maintain healthy digestion and protect against intestinal and vaginal infections. Enjoy it on its own, use it as a substitute for sour cream, or try it in Skinny Fruit & Yogurt Salad.

15. Kale– This veggie makes our healthy foods list because it delivers a superhero-worthy level of nutrients that do everything from help prevent cancer to safeguard eye health. Snack healthy with Southwestern Kale Chips

Grilled Pumpkin and Carrot Over Quinoa

16. Quinoa– This versatile gluten-free food packs a protein punch and offers healthy doses of fiber and iron. Try it in Quinoa-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, Grilled Pumpkins and Carrots Over Quinoa, or Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Cups.

17. Oats– This easy-to-like superfood is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s a whole grain that may help prevent chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, and maintains heart health. Start your day with Clean-Eating Refrigerator Oatmeal.

18. Spinach- Popeye was no fool. Spinach is loaded with heart-healthy nutrients, like potassium, and it’s also rich in iron and antioxidants as well as fiber, which may help you lose weight. Load up with recipes like fan favorite Spinach & Bean Burrito Wrap.

19. Sweet Potatoes– We’re sweet on sweet potatoes because they provide long-lasting energy plus iron for lean muscle building. They’re rich in a host of vitamins, including B6, C, and D, too. Sweet Potato Crunchies are fab as a side or snack.

20. Tomatoes– No matter how you say it, tomatoes make the healthy foods list for many reasons. They offer lycopene, which has cancer-fighting and anti-aging properties, plus they deliver loads of vitamins, including A, B6, C, and K. Enjoy them in Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken.

21. Wild-Caught Salmon– So nutritious it deserves its own listing on our most healthy foods list, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Regular consumption may help maintain proper blood pressure and possibly help prevent certain types of cancer. Stick to wild-caught salmon; farm-raised often contains antibiotics. Treat yourself to Smoked Salmon, Feta, and Avocado Salad.

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