31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

The best snacks for weight loss don't have to be boring or bland.

When you think of the best snacks for weight loss, you might assume a piece of celery is on the list. But who needs boring and bland when there are so many sensational recipes out there?

This list features delicious options to curb your craving for processed chips and cookies, and fattening and sugary dips and candies.

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Fries don’t have to be a guilty treat. Try this fresh take on the traditional French fry that contains a healthy dose of fiber and beta-carotene while also remaining low in fat and calories.

2. Cottage Cheese

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Keep it simple and help yourself to this filling, protein- and calcium-rich snack that’s great on its own or paired with veggies and fruit.

3. Cheese

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

In moderation, cheese can definitely fall in the best snacks for weight loss category to satisfy your craving for something indulgent. Pair with some fruit and you have a protein- and nutrient-packed snack.

4. Oven Baked Zucchini Chips 

Salty, crispy chips are delicious, but a bag from the store is usually full of junk. Make your own version with this baked zucchini chips recipe that’s a mere 99 calories a serving.

5. Edamame

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

With a little bit of salt and a dash of olive oil, you can have yourself one savory and super healthy snack that’s packed with fiber and protein using just one main ingredient: edamame!

6. Snack Pretzel Stack

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

This savory and sweet pretzel stack has everything you need to feel satisfied in more ways than one: crunch from the pretzels, creaminess from the peanut butter, and sweetness from the banana slices and mini chocolate chips.

7. Baked Parmesan Butternut Chips

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

This healthy chip recipe will satisfy your craving for a salty crunch without ruining your weight loss goals. It features a combination of delicious butternut squash, parmesan, and cayenne pepper.

8. Slow Cooker Skinny Applesauce

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Applesauce is a sweet snack that’s perfect to add to your best snacks for weight loss options. This homemade version ensures no added sugar, so you can expect a rich and flavorful snack that’s totally guilt free.

9. Baked Apple Chips

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Skip the vending machine and opt for these crunchy, sweet chips that have a mere 32 calories per serving.

10 Paleo Friendly Meaty Veggie Roll Ups

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

If you’re following a low-carb diet, these deliciously meaty roll-ups are a perfect snack to fill you up and provide proper energy.

11. 3-Ingredient Parmesan Kale Chips

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Turn your favorite superfood into a crunchy snack with this easy-to-make 3-ingredient recipe.

12. Tzatziki Yogurt Sauce

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Pair this spiced-up sauce with some veggies and you have yourself a creamy, crunchy and filling snack.

13. Creamy Vegan Spinach Dip

Our creamy vegan spinach dip is a must-try appetizer or snack!

This dip is way healthier than the store-bought varieties and uses the cleanest of ingredients to provide you a nutritious and delicious snack, that also happens to be vegan-friendly!

14. Bell Pepper Candy

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

This unique snack is sure to entice you. Not only are there a mere 12 calories per serving, but these candies offer a sweet taste and crunchy texture you’ll love.

15. Skinny Berry Parfait

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Use nature’s candy to create a clean eating snack that will satisfy your taste buds and give you a boost of energy.

16. Baked Onion Rings

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Can you believe onion rings make this list of best snacks for weight loss? Well, given that these baked onion rings only have 115 calories per serving, you sure can! They taste so indulgent, but they’re perfect for your weight loss goals.

17. Spicy Pumpkin Hummus

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

This unique hummus recipe is perfect for dipping fresh apple slices in and snacking away the healthy way.

18. Skinny Peanut Butter-Yogurt Dip

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

At just 40 calories per serving, this is a creamy, sweet dip you’ll love.

19. Skinny Mini Quinoa Almond Joy Bars

almond joy bars

These bars are packed with superfoods that will fill you up and give you a burst of energy to help you power through the busiest of days.

20. Avocado Dip

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Avocado is the perfect fruit to make a dip out of, as it’s oh so creamy, filled with healthy fats, and incredibly satisfying.

21. Skinny Mini Banana Pudding

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

When a sweet snack is calling your name, you absolutely have to take advantage of this skinny banana pudding recipe.

22. Skinny Nutella Spread

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

This indulgent Nutella spread has just 54 calories per serving, making it great for your best weight loss recipes list. Eat with some fresh apple slices for a well-rounded clean snack.

23. Sweet Ricotta and Fig Toast

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

This is one gourmet piece of toast! Figs have that sweet taste while also offering a ton of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Paired with low-fat ricotta cheese, this snack will be one of your favorites.

30. Clean Eating Vegetable Fritters

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

These bite-sized fritters are a great easy way to pack in a lot of flavor into a small quantity. Made with zucchini and some flour for an added crunch, these are simple to prepare and fun for the whole family to enjoy!

31. Slow Cooker Beets with Creamy Goat Cheese Sauce

31 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

Beets are such a great food to incorporate into your healthy diet. They’re sweet, juicy and packed with vitamins. Paired with creamy goat cheese sauce, this is an irresistibility guilt-free snack.

Now that you know snacking doesn’t have to be boring and bland, just be sure to stick to one or two snacks per day to keep overeating at bay.

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