53 Ways to Clean Up Your Diet

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The best way to make a major lifestyle change is to make a series of small, conscious changes to your everyday routine. In time, they’ll add up to a big shift in your diet and to your overall level of health.

Anyone can benefit from these 53 ways to clean up your diet, whether you’re just easing into a clean eating routine or you’re an old pro at the SkinnyMs. lifestyle.

1. Ditch refined grains
That bag of white flour sitting in your pantry? Toss it. Processed grains are stripped of important nutrients, namely fiber. Instead, give one of these whole grain recipes a try: Whole Grain Penne Pasta with Greens and Beans, Whole Grain Tortillas, Easy Whole Grain Cinnamon Pita Chips, or Whole Grain Banana Blueberry Pancakes.

2. Cut out sugar
Sugar—the added kind, not naturally found in foods—has an adverse effect on our bodies and minds. Try our 30-Day No Sugar Challenge to change your perspective on the sweet stuff and try one of these No Sugar Added Skinny Dessert Recipes.

3. Use a juicer
Drinking homemade juice is a fast-track way to infuse your system with vitamins, minerals and enzymes from several fruits and veggies at once. Try our Mean Green Juice to get started.

4. Replace processed grains with whole grain
Eating more whole grains reduces your risk of cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Try our Whole Grain Cinnamon Pita Chips.

5. Eat healthy grains
Grains are far from off limits, just make them the healthy kind, like quinoa, oats and barley. Here are 40 Delicious Quinoa Recipes You’ll Love.

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