40 Meals Under 400 Calories

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When I was in college, I went through my fair share of diet plans. Especially after I gained the freshman 15! My plan usually involved counting calories. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to find campus food that would be filling enough. When looking for meals under 400 calories, my best option was usually the frozen dinners from the grocery store. I could heat them up in the microwave in my dorm, but they were not exactly delicious!

Today, I’m so grateful that I don’t have to stoop to this kind of food anymore when I’m counting calories. There are so many delicious homemade options to choose from. All of the recipes in this list are healthy, nutritious, and filling. Pick a few each week from breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals under 400 calories to create a weekly meal plan. Remember that you don’t have to cook every day – it’s much easier to cook extra and reheat the leftovers!

40 Meals Under 400 Calories

These recipes are listed from fewest to most calories. Mix and match them together! It’s an easy way to create meal plan for the week. To make sure you’re eating the right number of calories, check out this post. It’s a great resource!

Breakfast Recipes

breakfast recipes

Lunch Recipes

lunch recipes

Dinner Recipes

dinner recipes

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