29 Low-Point Snacks for Weight Watchers

Snack yourself happy with these delicious options.

Go, you! You’re taking the right steps toward making positive changes in your life. Whether you want to fit into that dream wedding dress or you want to be able to chase after your child or grandchild, it all begins with eating well. If you’re using the program to lose weight and get healthy, then this is the place to find low-point snacks for Weight Watchers.

The grocery store aisles are full of processed snacks marketed as “healthy” or “low fat.” The problem is that not all of those foods are the best choices for building a new and improved body. Manufacturers often add extra salt or refined sugar to processed snacks to make them taste better.

The other snag with processed “healthy” snack foods is that it’s harder to keep tabs on portion sizes. You open a bag telling yourself you’ll have just a couple of whole grain crackers. Before you know it, you’re an entire sleeve later you’re left with nothing but crumbs and guilt.

29 Great Tasting Low-Point Snacks for Weight Watchers

These ideas for low-point snacks for Weight Watchers will pack your body with the nutrition it needs and the taste you want. Put these delicious clean-eating options on your menu plan this week. (Note: We’ve included SmartPoints, but most of the recipe links include additional nutrition info.)

1. Clean-Eating Almond Butter and Jelly

With almond butter and fruit-sweetened preserves, this point-astic recipe offers just 1 Freestyle SmartPoint.

2. Snack Pretzel Stack

The delish combo of pretzels, peanut butter, chocolate, and banana makes this a snack food winner—one with just 5 Freestyle SmartPoints.

3. Skinny Strawberry Banana Bread

Make these as mini-loaves or mini-muffins—either way it’s just 2 Freestyle SmartPoints for the mini-loaves, or 3 Freestyle SmartPoints for the mini-muffins.

4. Southwestern Kale Chips

Mix up the menu with these low-point snacks for Weight Watchers; each serving offers 2 Freestyle SmartPoints.

5. Roasted Beet and Hazelnut Vegetable Dip

This roasted beet dip is not only stunning to look at, but it tastes great, too! This is the perfect snacking dip for your favorite credit vegetables. Or, since it only has 3 Freestyle SmartPoints, you’ll have some extra points to use low-carb chips if you like!

6. Skinny Strawberry Yogurt

This clean-eating yogurt recipe is super healthy and has only 9 Freestyle SmartPoints.

7. Oven-Baked Zucchini Chips

You can’t go wrong with Weight Watchers snacks like this one, which delivers 2 Freestyle SmartPoints.

8. Avocado Dip

Just 3 Freestyle SmartPoints makes this the perfect way to indulge in creamy goodness.

9. Baked Apple Chips

Sweet. Simple. 0 Freestyle SmartPoints. Any questions?

10. Superfoods Smoothie

Superfoods Smoothie
Healthy smoothies are ideal for packing a lot of nutrition into a tasty snack—this recipe delivers 6 Freestyle SmartPoints.

11. Skinny Mini Strawberry Cheesecake

From Greek yogurt to strawberries to almonds, this indulgence has only 4 Freestyle SmartPoints.

12. Slow Cooker Skinny Applesauce

This is a fab snack to take to work, and it adds only 6 Freestyle SmartPoints to your menu.

13. Baked Onion Rings

Munch on this 3 Freestyle SmartPoints-snack as a much healthier alternative to bar fare.

14. Skinny Berry Parfait

Oats, berries, yogurt, and almonds combine for a filling snack that delivers just 10 Freestyle SmartPoints.

15. Refreshing Lemon-Lime Popsicles

With fewer than 95 calories and an itty bitty 11 Freestyle SmartPoints, this healthy popsicle recipe is a smart way to treat your taste buds.

16. Sweet Potato Chips

Another smart alternative when you’re craving restaurant food, this simple snack offers 2 Freestyle SmartPoints.

17. Skinny Peanut Butter-Yogurt Dip

Dunk apple slices or your favorite fruit or veggie into this 2 Freestyle  SmartPoints-snack dip.

18. Skinny Fruit & Yogurt Salad

You don’t need to give up on taste when you’re looking for low-point snacks for Weight Watchers. This nutritionally-loaded recipe has 2 Freestyle SmartPoints.

19. Skinny Mini Quinoa Almond Joy Bars

This recipe blends the flavor of a dessert with the nutrition of a healthy snack—and it has 4 Freestyle SmartPoints.

20. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Tots

We bake these tater tots instead of frying them, which significantly reduces their fat and calorie content. One serving contains only 6 Freestyle SmartPoints!

21. Bell Pepper Candy

Zero fat, 1 Freestyle SmartPoints, and only 12 calories make this a snack you can dig into.

22. Spicy Pumpkin Hummus

Snack time is the right time to dip into this unique hummus recipe, which adds only 1 Freestyle SmartPoints to your daily tally.

23. Cheesy Chicken Chili Dip

I love that this super cheesy, full-flavored chicken chili dip only has 5 Freestyle SmartPoints! It tastes like a treat but we keep the calories low by using real ingredients instead of cans of condensed soups.

24. Grilled Zucchini Caprese

This filling snack is perfect for those times when you’re looking for something more substantial than a dip. For only 4 Freestyle SmartPoints, you can grill slices of zucchini to act as your “sandwich bread.” The part-skim mozzarella and fresh tomatoes make the perfect fillings!

25. Skinny Pimento Cheese Spread

Fresh veggies are the perfect way to dip into this 2 Freestyle SmartPoints-snack.

26. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Add fresh vegetables to this 3 Freestyle SmartPoints-snack for a heart-healthy addition to your menu.

27. Skinny Nutella Spread

This healthier version of the popular spread has 3 Freestyle SmartPoints and tastes fab with apple slices.

28. Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters

Chocolate can be a “sometimes” treat with this antioxidant-rich recipe, which delivers 6 Freestyle SmartPoints—be sure to stick to the serving size on this snack!

29. Roasted Artichoke with Skinny Aioli 

Artichokes make such a great snack – you can just pull off the tender leaves and dip them into this tasty skinny aioli. At 9 Freestyle SmartPoints, that makes this a perfectly satisfying midday snack.

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Editor’s Note: Originally published Feb 10, 2015

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