28 High-Protein Dinners

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Even if you’re not a bodybuilder, your body needs a lot more protein than you think. Since your body uses protein for almost everything it does, it’s important to make sure you get enough. High-protein diets are a fantastic way to lose weight as you cut out some unhelpful carbohydrates and take in protein. Thankfully, adding this vital nutrient to your diet isn’t hard, since recipes for high-protein dinners are easy to come by. In fact, here is a list of 28 high-protein dinners to get you started! Take inspiration and don’t be afraid to try other ones, as well!


1. Protein Cobb Salad with Quinoa

The quinoa and eggs are the protein stars in this dish, though the tomatoes contribute a little of their own protein. It’s a simple salad made from fresh ingredients, which is as good for you as something can get!

2. Pan Seared Salmon with Roasted Vegetables

Salmon is one of the best meats you can eat, being full of protein and also healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Roasted vegetables make for an acceptable, healthy support dish while not contributing too many carbs.

3. Asparagus and Pine Nut Frittata

This delicious recipe has four eggs covered in little nuts and vegetables. This can also be enjoyed as a breakfast if you prefer!

4. Slow Cooker Fiesta Chili Supper

A warm pot full of delicious flavors and desirable textures. With both turkey and kidney beans, this chili is sure to fill you up on protein fast!

5. Quick Fish with Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Sage

This fish is quick and easy to prepare, while the bed of chickpeas and tomatoes give it a solid and hardy base on which to sit. There’s plenty of protein to be had here!

6. Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Ragout

The creamy chicken is smothered in a delicious mushroom sauce. Mushrooms have a good amount of protein in them, but they’re also packed full of other vitamins your body needs!

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