Top 3 Weight Loss Menus to Burn Fat Faster

Drop those unwanted pounds fast with these three fat burning weight loss menu plans!

Day 8

Breakfast: Pick Me Up Breakfast Smoothie
Snack: Banana with 12 walnut halves or raw almonds
Lunch: Raw Kale Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette
Snack: Homemade trail mix
Dinner: Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken served with quinoa or brown rice**Save enough for tomorrow’s lunch

Ah, kale makes yet another appearance on this list of top 3 weight loss menus that burn fat fast! Nourishing your body with the green superfood is never a bad idea. It appears in recipes on this list more than once for a reason: it’s great for weight loss and fat burning.

Day 9

Breakfast: Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes
Snack: Greek yogurt with berries
Lunch: Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken (leftovers from last night’s dinner)
Snack: Raw broccoli with Skinny Ranch Dip
Dinner: Honey Dijon Glazed Salmon with a Hint of Lemon with Roasted Sweet Potatoes (Savory and Candied Options)

Check out the sweet and savory options for our roasted sweet potatoes. You’ll love both of them, so it’ll be hard to choose a favorite!

Day 10

Breakfast: Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Snack: 1 medium celery stalk with 1 tablespoon almond butter
Lunch: Veggie & Pesto Sandwich
Snack: Homemade trail mix
Dinner: Slow Cooker Polynesian Chicken

My boyfriend always tries to steal my smoothie when I make our Strawberry Banana Smoothie! It’s that flavorful, great for weight loss, and awesome for fat burning.

Day 11

Breakfast: Clean Eating Banana Apple Bread**Save enough bread for a snack tomorrow 
Snack: A hard-boiled egg
Lunch: Strawberry and Avocado Salad with Strawberry Balsamic Dressing
Snack: Raw veggies with Skinny Ranch Dip
Dinner: Slow Cooker Cream of Chicken and Rice Soup

Enjoy some guilt-free ranch with our skinny ranch dip. You can use it as a salad dressing, dip, or topping.

Day 12

Breakfast: Superfoods Smoothie
Snack: A clementine (Cutie) orange
Lunch: Clean Eating Chicken Salad
Snack: Clean Eating Banana Apple Bread (leftovers from yesterday’s breakfast)
Dinner: Flounder with Brown Rice, Tomatoes, and Fresh Thyme

My mom eats our Clean Eating Chicken Salad almost every single day! Sometimes she eats it with crackers, and other times as a sandwich or salad topping.

Day 13

Breakfast: Pumpkin French Toast
Snack: Apple slices
Lunch: Green Bean and Zucchini Salad
Snack: Whole Grain Cinnamon Pita Chips
Dinner: Philly Cheese & Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Potato Crunchies

If you ask me, our Sweet Potato Crunchies are little slices of weight loss, fat-burning Heaven.

Day 14

Breakfast: Crustless Vegetable Quiche
Snack: Sliced apple with 1 tablespoon natural almond or natural peanut butter
Lunch: Garden Salad with Lemon & Oil Dressing
Snack: Homemade trail mix
Dinner: Slow Cooker Classic Pot Roast 

Homemade trail mix is one of my favorite weight loss and fat burning snacks!

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