52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizers

Make yourself and everyone at the party healthier!

What’s a party without appetizers? Actually, for that matter, what’s a dinner without an appetizer?! I’m one of those people who is always hungry, so if you say “appetizer,” I’ll say, “yes, please.” I’ll be even more ecstatic than usual if that appetizer you’re speaking of is one off of this list of 52 best Weight Watchers appetizers!

This list is full of yummy Weight Watchers appetizers that won’t use up your SmartPoints. And, all you non-Weight Watchers people out there, this list is for you, too! You don’t have to be counting SmartPoints to enjoy these appetizers. They’re all made with nutritious, healthy ingredients that will hold anyone trying to get or stay healthy over till the main course!

So, you can stop saying “no, thank you” to people when they utter the word “appetizer.” You can even help others to stop saying “no, thank you” by bringing one of these (or all of these) healthier appetizers to the table!

The Best Weight Watchers Appetizers

1. 2-Ingredient Sour Cream Dip (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

I figured I’d start this list off with an appetizer that is:

  • one of everybody’s favorites
  • fun and dippable
  • super easy
  • unfortunately usually unhealthy

This sour cream dip is unlike many others because it’s only 4 SmartPoints, only calls for 2 ingredients (which you probably got from the title, but it’s just too awesome to not bring up again), and is much healthier than store-bought sour cream dips.

Try the recipe: 2-Ingredient Sour Cream Dip

2. Roasted Jalapeño Vegan Queso (2  Freestyle SmartPoints)

52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

 If you’re looking for Weight Watchers appetizers that are also vegan, then Minimalist Baker has come to your rescue with this recipe! One serving is just 2 SmartPoints!

Try the recipe: Roasted Jalapeño Vegan Queso

3. Green Goddess Dip (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

I, personally, love dipping carrots, peppers, and whole grain crackers into this dip! So satisfying, and only 2 SmartPoints.

Try the recipe: Green Goddess Dip

4. Caramelized Cauliflower (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

If you’re anything like me, then this recipe had you interested right from the first word, and then by the second word, you were 100% all for it. And, if for some reason you weren’t, what if I told you that a serving is only 5 SmartPoints?! I know you want to make this recipe now!

Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables, and who can really say “no” to something that’s both caramelized AND healthy?! I mean, how often does that happen?! Not often enough, if you ask me! This recipe just never gets old.

Try the recipe: Caramelized Cauliflower

5. Roasted Salt & Pepper Radish Chips (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

With just 4 SmartPoints, you can enjoy this appetizer before your weeknight meal without feeling guilty about it at all. Plus, the recipe creator, Sugar Free Mom, has really helped us out by making these chips with just 4 simple ingredients.

Try the recipe: Roasted Salt & Pepper Radish Chips

6. Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

52 Best Weight Watchers Appetizer Recipes

Nachos…those delicious snacks that I have to stay away from because they’re just too addicting and just too carb-loaded…

If you’re thinking what I used to think above, then you’re about to fall in love with our Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats! They are definitely one of the best Weight Watchers appetizers around because not only are they only 4 SmartPoints, but they’re also so much lower in carbs than normal nachos! Oh, and they taste just as good!

Try the recipe: Skinny Bell Pepper Nacho Boats

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