51 Slow Cooker Recipes for Fall

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There’s nothing  like coming home to a delicious smelling meal cooking in the crockpot after a long day at work. Simply throw in the ingredients before you leave, and your meal will be ready by the time you get back.

Fall is especially a great time to use a slow cooker. Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, there’s always something warm and comforting to be made. We have compiled a list a 51 of our favorite slow cooker Fall recipes. So whip out the crock pot and get cooking!

1. Shredded Rosemary and Onion Pork Chops
This simple yet tasty dish is an easy way to enjoy those pork loin chops sitting in your fridge.

2. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Made with lean ground beef, these cabbage rolls are packed with protein and flavor.

3. Spicy Potato and Chickpea Stew
Simple ingredients comprise this delicious slow cooker recipe that cooks while you’re out and about.

4. Hearty Vegetable and Bean Soup
The great thing about this slow cooker recipe is that its easy to prepare.

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers
Loaded with corn, black beans, lean ground turkey, and brown rice, this recipe is delicious.

6. Pecan Pie
With no added oil or sugar, this pecan pie is a great healthy alternative.

7. Low Calorie White Bean Kale Soup
A low calorie soup that is packed with superfoods.

8. Homestyle Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary
The whole family will love this delicious recipe.

9. Balsamic Beef
Enjoy all the Italian flavors with this savory recipe.

10. Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Great taste and healthy ingredients: whats not to love?

11. French Toast Casserole
With a touch of warm cinnamon, this casserole also offers a thermogenic boost to increase your daily calorie burn.

12. Jambalaya with Chicken and Shrimp
The next time you’re looking for something delicious, try this spicy, satisfying meal.

13. Cranberry Poached Pears
These delicious poached pears go great with something creamy.

14. Mexican Shredded Beef
A great recipe for a busy week night.

15. Chocolate Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce
A perfect recipe for that occasional gooey chocolatey treat.

16. Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding
This tasty bread pudding recipe is perfect for the holidays.

17. Tangy Coconut Black Bean Soup
The perfect combination of tomato sauce and coconut milk creates the unique flavor that makes this soup so special.

18. Slow Cooker Turkey Breast
This flavorful turkey is extra moist and has fewer calories than traditional turkey.

19. Sweet and Spicy Pecans
A sweet treat that wont bust your gut!

20. Southern Style Green Beans
A nourishing recipe that everyone will love.

21. Wild Rice Pilaf
You can prepare this hearty side dish a few days ahead of time, which makes it a great dish for potlucks and dinner parties.

22. Pomegranate Spiced Applesauce
If you love applesauce and are looking for a way to make it even better, than this is a great option for you.

23. Hot Chocolate Steel-Cut Oatmeal
The perfect breakfast for a cold morning.

24. Skinny Spaghetti
An easy way to prepare a family favorite meal.

25. Pumpkin Butter
Nothing says “autumn” more than the rich, delicious taste of pumpkin.

26. Red Lentil and Butternut Squash Stew
Savory red lentils add a creaminess to the sweet butternut squash, making it the perfect recipe for fall.

27. Pumpkin Soup
This pumpkin soup recipe combines all your favorite pumpkin pie flavors, with a hint of apple for sweetness.

28. Apple Crisp
Who doesn’t love a warm and gooey apple crisp on a crisp fall evening?

29. Cornbread Stuffing
Nothing says comfort food like cornbread stuffing, just like the kind grandma used to make.

Almond Blast Oatmeal

 30.  Almond Blast Oatmeal
This oatmeal tastes just like your favorite almond candy, but it’s a healthy way to start your morning.

31. Moroccan Chicken with Chickpeas
This recipe rings together the best of Moroccan flavors and fresh ingredients.

32. Turkey Stroganoff
A versatile and easy recipe that is made with all healthy ingredients.

33. Spinach and Mozzarella Frittata

A savory and filling recipe that will have you coming back for more.

34. Turkey Loaf
This turkey loaf recipe will be a family favorite, especially during those cold winter months.

35. Cinnamon and Pecan Bread Pudding
The perfect choice to get you and your family of the right healthy eating track.

36. Chicken and Mushroom Gravy
This delicious gravy recipe is simple and easy to make.

37. Slow Cooker Fudge

The next time you have that insatiable craving for chocolate, take a little time to make our decadent yet guilt-free fudge.

38. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Mash
A nutritious, simple, mildly sweet, and definitely tasty recipe.

39. Beans and Rice
There’s nothing better than a big bowl of red beans and rice.

40. Macaroni and Cheese
A healthier version of macaroni and cheese that tastes great.

41. Bananas Foster
This recipe is destined to be a hit with friends and family.

42. Chicken Pot Roast
The chicken is moist and flavorful, and the vegetables are seasoned and cooked to the perfect consistency.

43. Lentil Soup
This healthy lentil soup can be made early in the day and eaten hours later.

44. Nutty Blueberry Banana Oatmeal
Prepare a batch of this oatmeal for Sunday brunch and save a batch for later in the week.

45. BBQ Pulled Pork
This barbecue recipe is perfect for those who love Southern barbecue but are looking to avoid extra calories.

46. White Bean Chili
This white bean chili recipe will satisfy your craving for chili but without all of the unhealthy ingredients and mixes.

47. Veggie Pot Pie Stew
All the taste of traditional pot pie, without the extra calories.

48. Skinny Applesauce
With no added sugar, this recipe is amazing.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili

49. Buffalo Chicken Chili
The ideal chili recipe for a busy weeknight.

50. Broccoli, Brown Rice, and Cheddar Casserole
A delicious casserole recipe with a unique twist.

51. Italian Meatball Stew
Heart healthy ingredients come together in this slow cooked dish that’s full of flavor and easy to make.

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