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50 Clean Eating Snacks

by Skinny Ms.
 50 Clean Eating Snacks

Like many of us, you battle a hectic daily routine. Luckily, we’ve learned that the key to juggling a busy schedule is to maintain stable energy levels throughout your day. Snacking on nutritious food options will keep you fueled up, but, unfortunately, the most easily accessible snacks are not always the healthiest! Packages of processed chips, crackers, and fruit snacks lurk behind the glass of every vending machine.

Thankfully, there are other options. By stocking your pantry, desk, or handbag with unprocessed snacks, you’ll quickly eliminate refined sugar, sodium, and unnecessary chemicals from your diet.

Choose from these 50 clean eating snacks and slash processed foods from your diet: 

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Protein Fudgesicles

1. Protein Fudgesicles

2. Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip with Fresh Fruit (featured in photo above)

3. Carrots with Avocado Dip

4. Sliced Veggies with Zucchini Hummus

5. A Medium Banana – Need 5 Reasons to Bite Into a Banana?

6. A Hard-boiled Egg – Learn 3 important health benefits of eggs.

7. String Cheese and Grapes

8. Fruit with Skinny Nutella

9. Air-popped Corn

10. Rolled Turkey Breast (Boar’s Head Deli Meat has no nitrates nor preservatives)

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24 Responses to 50 Clean Eating Snacks

  • mel says:

    can you put this in a PDF or printable format?

  • Jessica says:

    Just wondering if I'm missing the "print" button on this post – I would love to print it out and hang it up for my my kids to see and I noticed that you replied you were going to do one of those buttons. It is so very much appreciated!!

  • mar says:

    better buy organic cause anything else is far from healthy but even organic fruits are gas ripened with ethylene (gmo corn) and anything in a package has some sort of gmo in it. the only healthy snacks are anything you grow yourself.

    • amber says:

      lol well if we all lived thinking every single thing is bad for us, then i guess we would all starve. it's safe to say that any of these recipes would be healthier than that bag of potato chips we sometimes go for, and i'm pretty sure that's the point of this post.

      • Deb Williams says:

        Farmer's markets are an excellent place to go to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. They usually have a lot of different things – even arts and crafts or entertainment thrown in too. You can go have fun, get BETTER fruits and vegetables, and help LOCAL farmers out as well.

  • Teresa McCarty says:

    Please add a print button! Love this!
    Thank You

  • Crystal says:

    The print button isn't working for me :(

  • Hope says:

    Yummm…..I also love apple slices dipped in Nutella and rolled in granola. These are some great snacks!

  • Jancy says:

    How can I print the entire list? It will only print the first page no matter what I do.

  • Diane says:

    Be sure to identify that the foods should be organic and/or GMO-free. Especially foods like corn – unless it's organic, is genetically modified with round-up ready chemicals. :(

  • Wendy says:

    Great ideas but I can't stock my desk with many of them

  • Rebeka says:

    Print and pdf still only work the first page.
    Great article! thank you!

  • Karen says:

    While I think the intention here is great, I have an issue with stating this is "clean" eating. The definition of clean eating means that what you put in your body is natural. The reference to "skinny" anything (peanut butter, ranch dressing, etc.) is far from clean. Please beware and read labels. If you don't recognize something that is on the label – as in you can't actually picture what the food ingredient is, then it's not clean. It's not just about removing high fructose corn syrup and processed sugars from your diet (you should!), think about removing all of the additives and preservatives as well. Read your labels, please!

  • Hrant George says:

    To print- simply highlight to copy and past. Paste the copy onto an email draft, then save/send/ or print. You can even highlight and copy the photos, or the entire article with photos, and transfer the same way.

  • Hrant George says:

    To add to my previous comment, you can label and save the recipe drafts in a separate e-mail folder if you don't want to print it out.

  • colleen says:

    has anyone tried the protein fudgesicles? Black beans???

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